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Do you have a flat and want to make it profitable as a holiday home but don't have the time or interest to manage it yourself?

If the answer is yes, pay attention to everything we have for you because it is very interesting, now you will see.


Our management of your holiday home means that you don't have to worry about anything. And when we say nothing, we mean literally nothing.

We firmly believe that communication is paramount between owners like you and tourism management professionals like us. That is why we have created a personalised management model where we take care of every detail to make our connection as comfortable as possible.


What do we mean when we talk about taking care of every detail?

We work from the moment you decide to book your flat with us so that your property is reserved for as long as possiblefilling the calendars according to demand and market research. Undoubtedly, the review and control of prices is constant as it is essential to optimise results, this is called Revenue Management.

As an owner, what do you get from us?

We provide 24-hour multilingual service to guests, owners and communities. Close and constant communication.

We publish your property on the leading tourist portals with a professional photographic report of your flat. This way the visibility and therefore the bookings will be higher.

We work on the decoration and interior design if we both see it necessary.

We work on Revenue Management: market research, prices and calendar.

We carry out Check In and Check Out in person. Guests are infinitely grateful for this, as we avoid them having to travel to offices or meeting points. In this way they gain minutes of holiday time and we guarantee the signing of the contract, inventory and travellers' report.

We give you access to the Owner's Portal where you can always see your calendar.

We collect the reservations and keep the deposits, refundable if there are no damages, which we check at each Check Out.

Registration on Web Pol of all guests of legal age, to comply with regulations.

We provide monthly occupancy and profit reports. Also annually, where we also inform you of improvement points that will make your home look as good as new.

We clean and disinfect after each departure, and cleaning products are at our own expense. Guests will always be provided with the necessary products and a brand new kit to ensure hygiene.

General cleaning and overhaul of the house twice a year.

Laundry 100% at our expense, without renting, which makes your annual profits even higher.

We offer quality amenities to all guests.

We offer information on your tax obligations, we know it's the most boring thing of all, but you have to do it and do it well.

We adapt the property to comply with current regulations, such as informative signs, complaint form book, personalised guides to Malaga...

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The reviews of our clients confirm that unique treatment that we want as a value proposition for your accommodation in Lovely Rentals. These comments are not only an impulse to give the best of ourselves, they also revalue your property, we give them the weight they deserve within the sales strategy.

Something we have learned during this time is that each accommodation is unique and every owner has a business idea, a taste and a reason. So don't hesitate and contact us because we will know how to adapt to your needs, whatever they may be.

Your home is in good hands, at Lovely Rentals we treat it as if it were our own.

Do you want your property to be part of the Lovely Rentals family?