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Relocation service in Malaga for companies that want the best for their expatriate employees, with Lovely Rentals.


A single contact point for all your needs: Lovely Relocations


With just one call you have everything you are looking for to attract the professional you need in tu empresa ubicada en Málagathe paradise that combines innovation, tradition and art in every corner.

Let us make living in Malaga and working in your organisation one of the most enriching experiences of your employee's life. We will help you in every way we can to make it happen from the very first moment.


Malaga is the ideal destination for an expatriate.

With more than 300 days of sunshine, warm summers and mild winters and connections by land, sea and air to the world.


☀️ +300 days of sunshine per year       

🌡️ annual average of 19ºC

✈️ airport, marina and train to thousands of destinations


Making quality relocation arrangements is much more than looking for accommodation for a specific period of time. It is having the confianza that you will find it easy to deal with bureaucratic, research and employee support issues that are difficult to delegate because of the sensitivity involved: we know them inside out.

However, you have come to the right place,, to your trusted contact in Malaga.We will tell you how we can help you.

Our staff is bilingual in English, German, French, Italian and Dutch. 

Why trust Lovely Relocations?

We are from Malaga

and we know the city and its amenities like the back of our hand.

Lovely Rentals

is our tourist flat rental company that expatriates need until they find their home.

Homely House

is our real estate agency, which is in charge of finding the definitive home for the employee according to his or her personal needs.

Tax Consultancy Malaga

is our agency, where we handle everything related to the processing of taxes, visas, international taxation, etc. In other words, all the necessary bureaucracy.

And all this means that we do not depend on third parties as Lovely Rentals is the company with all the services that Lovely Relocation offersWe help you from the first minute without excessive commissions for each service contracted.

We are not going to tell you how the world of commissions works because we are sure you know how they work. What we do want to show you is an example (in case you still have any doubts): if the temporary accommodation until we find a permanent home where the employee is going to stay is already ours,

Why pay a third party to book it for us?

And so on with all additional services such as real estate or tax management.

the fair ones

Here you can see our services for both companies and expatriates.

Relocation Pack or Expatriation Pack CUSTOM-MADE FOR YOU

Preliminary analysis

of the needs of the company and the employee with action plan

Single contact

for companies, Lovely Relocations

Flat with all supplies

including until permanent housing is found

Welcome Pack

with information to improve employee integration in Malaga


of habitual residence in the best areas of Malaga with accompaniment to the pre-selected visits.


of legal aspects and lease contract

Host training

personalised cultural support

Visa management

for the expatriate


banking and health system bureaucracy


and fiscal and financial management


help with family matters if necessary such as information on the education system and enrolment


assistance in all matters relating to them

Help with elderly relatives

travelling with the expatriate, accompanying them and covering their needs

Course enrolment

training (languages, workshops, etc.)

Repatriation procedures

of the employee and their family members if necessary

You are calm and your employee feels supported in this change and this is perceived in their daily work. We firmly believe that a happy employee is synonymous with a productive job, the perfect combo you are looking for. Can you let us help you in Malaga?

How do we work at Lovely Relocations?


Preliminary analysis of the company and the employee.


Information on the services required according to the analysis.


Handling of bureaucracy / accommodation contracts / required needs.


Support before and during the employee's stay in Malaga.


Arrangement of repatriation of the employee and his/her family members to their place of origin and everything related to this.

Frequently asked questions about Lovely Relocations

Our staff is bilingual in English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.

We will always pick up the worker at the airport and accompany them to their new home.

All the photos of the accommodation you can see on our website and other long term flats we work with for relocation. The client will always receive photos and all the detailed information about each flat that meets their needs.

Click HERE and imagine yourself enjoying it in yours.

During the whole process the employee and the company will be able to contact us at all times with a close communication. On the other hand, the expatriate will have a telephone number where he/she will be attended 24 hours a day in case of any incident.

Yes, it is and is in several languages.

We constantly publish information about Malaga and the expatriate will receive on arrival a guide with the main places of interest, monuments, restaurants, theatres and events.
Por otro lado recibirá una completa guía de todo lo que debe saber de Málaga , costumbres , transporte público , hospitales ...

We will help you through the whole process, email us at or call us directly on +34 638 5693 54.

We just want to make your life easier. For more information you can read this blog post where it is explained in detail for companies: